I am a STEM Ambassador, you can view my profile on the STEMNET.

I have a great time being a STEM ambassador, I get to meet all sorts of interested young people and do lots of very cool activities with the main aim of encouraging young people to enjoy STEM subjects. Chiefly, I host a code club at a local primary school most weeks. Other things include:

  • giving careers talks or helping at careers fairs.
  • providing technical advice or practical support to STEM projects in the classroom.
  • supporting projects in after-school STEM Clubs.
  • judging school STEM competitions.
  • speed networking with pupils, parents and teachers.
  • devising or delivering practical STEM experiments or demonstrations.
  • helping students with mock job interviews.


You can make a request for STEM Ambassadors on the STEMNET web site. If you wish to contact me directly, use the form:

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