Agile Staffordshire – October 2012

A quick post about Agile Staffordshire. There is a session on Thursday 25th October 2012 at the Pie & Ale House in Stafford. This month it is the Minisculus challenge. I shall not provide details here as the group blog has it all.

I hope you can make it. Come along, it’s a great way to meet a lot of people interested and practicing agile development techniques in the local area. It’s an open forum with participants from industry, academia and of general interest.

Agile Staffordshire – September 2012

Agile Staffordshire is a group of people from all over the area that get together to discuss all things agile, and other related topics in computing and software development. It’s an open forum and it usually gets together on the last Thursday of every month. Take a look at the Agile Staffordshire blog and if you’re interested, this Wednesday (26th September 2012) there’s a neat kata session.

Whether you work in software development, teach it or study it – it’s a great social forum to discuss it, share it and learn it.

Raptor Games Win @ Dare to be Digital 2012

Raptor Games has won both the audience award and the “Ones to Watch” BAFTA nomination at Dare to be Digital 2012.

I know two of the team members, Hugh Laird (Project Lead) and Andrew Coles (Lead Programmer / Maths), and I am absolutely chuffed to bits for them and their team members. It is a huge achievement to win two awards off the back of a busy final year of their respective degrees! I am so proud of them and their accomplishments, they will cut fine figures in the world of computing!

You can follow them on Twitter @Dare2012_RG. They also have a web site. Staffordshire University has also posted a news article.

Keep in touch!

Importing an Xcode Project into Subversion

Subversion is great. Really, I should say that using code management is a great idea; I just happen to use Subversion. I have been involved with iOS and Cocoa development over the last couple of years and find Subversion to be valuable when working solo or as part of a team.

This post will explain how to get your Xcode 4 project into Subversion. There is a lot to Subversion and I do not intend to cover it all here. I merely intend to get you going.

At time of writing, I am using Xcode 4.3.4 on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. You will need a subversion system; this may be accessed via HTTP or on the local file system. The screen shots shown here display settings used to connect to a Subversion system at Staffordshire University over HTTP. If you are a Staffordshire University student, ask your tutor regarding availability for your module or project.

You will need the following:

  • Xcode 4.3.4 (it will likely work with later versions)
  • Subversion repository details (ask your tutor or technical support for details)
  • An Xcode project to import into Subversion.

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Kata – Anagrams

I am going to use another kata from Dave Thomas’ Blog again! Anagrams!

Taken Directly:

The challenge is fairly simple: given a file containing one word per line, print out all the combinations of words that are anagrams; each line in the output contains all the words from the input that are anagrams of each other. For example, your program might include in its output:

kinship pinkish
enlist inlets listen silent
boaster boaters borates
fresher refresh
sinks skins
knits stink
rots sort

Use the word List for comparing results.