A Plea for Help

I will soon be talking in schools in my role as a STEM Ambassador and hope some of you might help me with an endeavour. With the introduction of a new computing curriculum in schools, I will be talking to school pupils about computing in the wide world and what an education in computing might lead to. I am not ‘selling’ computing over other subjects, I am letting people know about the opportunities that computing can lead to.

One thing I would really like to do is make a video, because listening to a myriad of lovely, interesting people will be even better than just me, talking.


I hope you’re interested. If you are, what follows is a little more detail on how you can help turn my presentation into something special.

Using a web cam, phone or other video recording device (a steady one, if you can, maybe a tripod); make a short (30 seconds to 2 minutes) video introduction of (pick any of these you like):

  • Your name, where you’re from and what you do.
  • How you know me, or met me, or even just your Bacon number.
  • Why you like (love/get fanatical/are inspired by) computing.
  • How you learned or studied computing, and what discipline you chose.
  • How you use computing in the things you do every day.
  • What you hope to do with computing in the future.
  • Why you would love to be studying computing for the first time, today.

If you decide to help me out, please leave a comment and I will organise collection and answer any questions you might have. Please keep it school safe! I don’t want to edit your message into oblivion to avoid being banned from schools. If you’re a wizard at video editing and can make an extra special job of it, please do so. I will be learning video editing as I go a long.

I volunteer my time to STEM activities, so I do not have a budget for this activity. I will be relying on your generosity and your time – both highly valued. I will need your permission to use the videos for the purpose of inspiring the new computing generation. If you wish me to follow a specific license, please tell me.

15 thoughts on “A Plea for Help”

  1. Thank you, folks! I really appreciate the time and effort. I hope I can make an end product worthy of your input! Do please spread my request to people you know, especially mutual friends.

  2. I don’t have a ‘deadline’ as such. I have a talk planned around mid-Feb. However, if I don’t have enough footage I’ll use it at the next talk I do. Just as soon as you find some time. Thank you, Paul!

  3. I understand that some people had problems leaving comments on the blog. I’m currently investigating why that has happened. If you have not been able to leave a comment, please contact me via email using my first name at my domain name.

  4. Yes, I am! I’ve been lucky with offers of help and I am still working on the project waiting for videos from those that have pledged to help. I will be very happy to receive more material.

    1. Chris, this is perfect! Thank you so much. I have 15 pledges of help so far and currently 4 videos. I used to teach computer games programming and found what you said to ring true with me too. If I can be of assistance with your STEM activities, please call on me.

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