Agile Staffordshire May 2013

It’s that time again! Agile Staffordshire initiated a project a while ago aimed to provide a fun collaborative project that it could really sink its teeth into. Numerous changes of venue have hindered the project getting off the ground but there is now opportunity to get back on track. The full details of the May session are available, along with previous sessions, on the Agile Staffordshire Blog.

This month’s session is on Thursday 23rd May at Staffordshire University, Beaconside Campus. Newcomers are welcome. The monthly sessions are a great way of getting involved in agile development practices and meet some industrial and academic practitioners.

Agile Staffordshire April 2013

Agile Staffordshire is running at Staffordshire University this month. It has been difficult finding a regular location recently, but Staffordshire University has some excellent facilities to host a good evening of software development topics. April’s meeting will be of particular interest to me as it is introducing Ruby, a language I have yet to use seriously. I am really looking forward to it.

In summary, the meeting will be at Beaconside Campus in Stafford and will start at 19:00 in K102, The Octagon. Full details of the evening are available on the Agile Staffordshire Blog. I hope to see people there.

Agile Staffordshire – October 2012

A quick post about Agile Staffordshire. There is a session on Thursday 25th October 2012 at the Pie & Ale House in Stafford. This month it is the Minisculus challenge. I shall not provide details here as the group blog has it all.

I hope you can make it. Come along, it’s a great way to meet a lot of people interested and practicing agile development techniques in the local area. It’s an open forum with participants from industry, academia and of general interest.

Agile Staffordshire – September 2012

Agile Staffordshire is a group of people from all over the area that get together to discuss all things agile, and other related topics in computing and software development. It’s an open forum and it usually gets together on the last Thursday of every month. Take a look at the Agile Staffordshire blog and if you’re interested, this Wednesday (26th September 2012) there’s a neat kata session.

Whether you work in software development, teach it or study it – it’s a great social forum to discuss it, share it and learn it.

Kata – Anagrams

I am going to use another kata from Dave Thomas’ Blog again! Anagrams!

Taken Directly:

The challenge is fairly simple: given a file containing one word per line, print out all the combinations of words that are anagrams; each line in the output contains all the words from the input that are anagrams of each other. For example, your program might include in its output:

kinship pinkish
enlist inlets listen silent
boaster boaters borates
fresher refresh
sinks skins
knits stink
rots sort

Use the word List for comparing results.